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Great quality food lies at the heart of our hospitality philosophy. We pride ourselves on producing good food using the freshest local ingredients wherever possible.

We have a long standing relationship with a team of local fishermen, farmers and other suppliers. For over 30 years our menus have featured great quality Sark Fresh produce sourced from local suppliers.

Our golden rule is that, ‘we try to source fresh local produce before we import anything’. We define ‘local’ as being sourced from within a 5-mile radius of the hotel. This incorporates the exclusive territorial waters around Sark.

Please see the Sark Food Heroes section for more information about our dedicated suppliers. They grow or harvest only small quantities of fresh produce on a strictly non-intensive and sustainable basis. We are grateful for their dedication, commitment and passion, and for providing us with an excellent variety of Sark Fresh quality produce depending upon the season.

We are proud to have established Sark’s first ever market garden at Stocks based on many of the principles of permaculture. Helen and Roz have worked diligently to design and create an oasis of superbly fresh, organic, local garden produce, less than 250 metres from the back door of the kitchen.

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Our food bursts with freshness and flavour. Creativity, skill and attention to detail are evident throughout the menus. Our small brigade of dedicated chefs aim to use the highest quality, ethically sourced ingredients and Fairtrade products wherever possible.

We ensure that dishes are simply cooked using exciting combinations of fresh ingredients to emphasise honest flavours.

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