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Stocks cider pressStocks has been blessed by a combination of mother nature and a succession of caring owners. The beautiful old property lies at the confluence of two, sunny south-facing and sheltered valleys.

The buildings are tucked away from the prevailing winds and adjacent to a prolific fresh water stream. The property is surrounded by landscaped gardens and grounds. The garden is essentially informal, rustic and rural. It predominantly features lawns, informal borders, shrubs and trees, which flower variously throughout most of the year.

Adjacent to the swimming pool is the oldest Mulberry tree in the Channel Islands. There are also mature Magnolia trees and a bank of Camelias, plus numerous other interesting species.

Behind the hotel is a magnificent old Ash tree with two large over-hanging boughs. Locals refer to this as the hanging tree because carcasses of fresh Sark meat were often hung here to mature.

Tucked beside the stream in the valley is an old Artesian well, renowned to be one of the oldest and most prolific in Sark.

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